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Miscellaneous WebQuests   

On this page are links to WebQuests that have been created off-site.  Please feel free to make use of any other these WebQuests as well as the ones on this site.

Social Studies Newpaper Project

First, click here to open the note-taking sheet.

Then, find your person in the list below.  Click on the link next to their name to find information for you notes.

Finally, click here to open the Newspaper Article Template.

Roaring 20s WebQuest

First, click here to get your note-taking sheet.

After you have taken all of your notes, click here to go to Prezi. 

Click "Log in" on the top right-hand side of the page.

Use the email to log in, with the password "cohoes" (all lower case).


Character Trading Cards

For Mrs. Flanagan's classes:

Read • Write • Think

Child Labor: Then and Now

This is actually 2 WebQuests; one for the book Lyddie by Katherine Paterson, and one for the book The Sun Will Shine Again by Anne Schraff.  The WebQuests explore the lives of "mill girls" in the textile mills of New England during the 1800s.

Mt. Everest Links

Click here for Mrs. Flanagan's WebQuest


Click here for pictures for Mrs. Flanagan's brochure project

Click here for a map of the north route of Mount Everest

Click here for a map from the National Geographic web site.

Click here for yet another map of the north route.

"Lost On Everest" from Nova on PBS

8th Grade Goal Research

This WebQuest is designed to help Health students with attainment of their goals.  The thirteen topics covered here were selected by Mrs. Benoit's 8th grade Health class.

8th Grade Physical Activity & Nutrition

This WebQuest is designed to help Health students with their research on physical activity and nutrition.

Mrs. Dunn's French Websites

This is a website I created for a French teacher at my school.  There are several educational websites linked to this page that are geared towards 7th and 8th grade French students.

Career Exploration

Here are various sites designed to help students with career exploration:

Career Zone

Career Toolbox

Dream Career Quiz

Career Calculator (visit here AFTER visiting the Dream Career Quiz)

Career Profiles

Computer Lab on