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The Upstairs Room WebQuest


The novel, The Upstairs Room, by Johanna Reiss, is a book set in Holland during World War II which tells the story of Annie and her Jewish family.  Annie's town is occupied by German soldiers, and soon Annie and her sister Sini are taken in by the Hannick family to hide from the Germans. Not long after, they begin living with the Oostervelds, a sweet, gentile family of three.  Living with Opoe, Johan, and Dientje, Annie and Sini live in a cold, drab, upstairs room for nearly three years. When German soldiers come and create a German headquarters out of the Oosterveld's living room, they must be more quiet and careful than ever before.


You will visit several web sites that explain about the Holocaust and life in Holland at the time of World War II, the time period during which this book takes place.  Read each site carefully and answer the questions on your worksheet.  All work on the worksheet will be done on the computer, so leave the worksheet and the Internet open at the same time, so you can go back and forth between them.  Be sure to include your name, teachers name, and period on the worksheet and get your teacher's permission before printing out the worksheet.


Click here to download the worksheet.  Following your teacher's instructions, save the worksheet to your server folder before continuing.  Then add your name, teachers name, and period on the worksheet.  Begin answering the questions by visiting the web sites below.  Each question on the worksheet will direct you to a specific web site.  Be sure to read the information on the web site carefully before answering the questions. 

Remember to save the worksheet as you work so that you do not lose your work!


Visit the site Balkin Buddies to read about the woman who wrote The Upstairs Room.  Now answer the first two questions on your worksheet.

Visit History of the Netherlands to read about the German invasion of Holland.  Now answer questions 3, 4, and 5 on your worksheet.

Visit the site Map of the Netherlands to answer questions #6 and #7 on your worksheet.

Visit The Holocaust Children to read about what happened to children all over Europe during the Holocaust.  Now answer questions #8 and #9 on your worksheet.

Now go to Children of the Holocaust and click on each of the three links to read stories about three children who survived the Holocaust in different ways.  Now answer questions 10 through 13, the final questions on your worksheet.


After making sure your name, teacher's name, and period are on the worksheet, and that you have answered all of the questions, save the worksheet to your server folder, and then get your teacher's permission to print out the worksheet.