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Video Gaming - Are You Addicted?

For most people, online gaming is a hobby.  For others it may be a dangerous addiction. 

In the United States, somewhere between 70 percent and 90 percent of teens play video or online games.  5 to 10 percent of these teens are gaming addicts, according to some experts.

The Essential Question of this WebQuest is:

What healthy behaviors may be neglected because of excessive video gaming? 

First, you must download and save a worksheet that you will work on while visiting the sites on this quest.  Go to "Process" below to find out how to do that. 


During this WebQuest, you will visit several websites than have information about video gaming addiction.  You will answer questions about video gaming on this sheet:


Click here to download your worksheet. 


You will first need to save this document to your server folder.  After you open the file, click on "File" than "Save As" and save the file to your server folder. 

Be sure your name, the date, and your period are on each page of the worksheet.

Now, take a quiz to determine how much video gaming affects your life. 



Video Gaming Addiction Quiz

Click on the link below to take a quick quiz on your video gaming habits.  When you have finished the quiz, make a note on your worksheet of how you scored on the test, then close the quiz window and move on to the sites below to answer the remaining questions on your worksheet:

Video Gaming Quiz

Video Gaming Websites

Visit the following websites to answer the questions on your worksheet.  Each question on the worksheet mentions the website where you will find the answer.  You will complete the worksheet on the computer, save it to your server folder, and then print out the worksheet WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED AND YOUR TEACHER HAS GIVEN YOU PERMISSION TO DO SO.

Addiction to MMORPGs: Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms of Video Game Addiction in Teens 

When Games Stop Being Fun

How to Avoid Video Game Addiction

Exploring the Addictive Properties of Binge Video Gaming

Addictive Games

The Most Addictive Types of Video Games

World of Warcraft: The Game That is a Drug


Once you have completed all of your worksheet, get your teacher's permission to print it out.  Make sure your name, the date and your period are on each page of the worksheet before handing them in to your teacher.