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     Weather WebQuest

Why do we need to study weather?

How would you like to attend an outdoor picnic in the rain?

Do you like to know when a severe storm is coming?

We get this information from television, radio, newspapers, and weather radios. We receive this information from trained individuals called meteorologists. A meteorologist is a scientist who studies the atmosphere and its changes in order to predict daily weather.


You will research each of the six topics below. You will then create a Powerpoint presentation to show to your class. Your presentation will consist of a title slide and one slide for each of the six topics below.


First, you will need to print out the Weather WebQuest note-taking sheet.  Click on here to open this form. 


The file will open in a new window.  You will take notes directly on this form as you explore the links for each category. The final part of this project is to complete a weather PowerPoint presentation. You will complete a presentation containing seven slides. The first slide will be your title slide. The next six slides may be in any order that you choose. You must have a slide for each of the six subjects covered:

  1. Weather vs. Climate
  2. Air Pressure
  3. Humidity
  4. Air Masses
  5. Fronts
  6. Severe Weather

Phase 1 - Background Information

What is the difference between weather and climate? How do air pressure, humidity, and other factors affect our local weather?

Explore the links on each subject. These links are important because they will provide basic information about the topic as a whole. Everyone should explore these sites before starting your Task. Take notes on your Weather WebQuest Notes sheet as you explore these sites. The notes you take will be the basis for your PowerPoint presentation.

Here are a couple of really good sites with general weather information that you may want to look at before you look at the sites for your topic:

Weather Whiz Kids  

(If this page does not load the first time, try again. It will eventually load)

Web Weather For Kids


Phase 2 - Roles

Weather vs. Climate:

Explore these sites to gain a better understanding of the difference between weather and climate. Take notes on your Weather WebQuest Notes sheet.

Weather vs. Climate

What's the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

NASA - Weather and Climate


Air Pressure:

How does air pressure affect the weather?

How Air Pressure Affects You

What is Air Pressure? 









What is humidity? How does humidity

affect our weather?




Air Masses:

How do air masses affect the weather? 
Air Masses Move

Air Mass



What are the 4 major types of fronts and how do they help predict the weather?


Warm Fronts

Cold Fronts

Stationary Fronts


Severe Weather:

Learn about all types of severe weather including tornados, hurricanes and blizzards.

Severe Weather 101



Weather Whiz Kids: Hurricanes

Weather Whiz Kids: Tornadoes 

Weather Whiz Kids:  Winter Storms

Disaster Fact Sheets for Kids



Click here to see the rubric for your grade on this project:


How does the weather affect our lives? Why do we need to study the weather? How would your life be different if you never knew what the weather on a particular day would be like?